Turkeys live alone?


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Jun 7, 2013
So 10 mins ago a turkey poult got out at the same time my hunting dogd went out side. The turkey soon died in my arms the only problem was the dog broke its wing and punctured the wing bone through its skin. Now my last turkey poult is crying and crying can he live by himself?
If they have been raised together they will cry for one another if they cant find them, as far as im aware he should be fine, try and spend some time with him for the next week until it sinks in his friend is gone, he may continue to cry on and off for a very long time. If he has chickens or other poultry in with him this may help him recover. I guess you have to think of it as, if you grew up living with one other person and they suddenly disappeared you would feel lost, would you not? From my experience with turkeys (which has only been a year), they are very clever and social. Despite this as i said before he should be able to live alone but i would recommend buying him a female. I wouldn't recommend other poultry because I have heard if turkeys are not raised with other birds they can kill them.
Yeah he grew up with that other bird and your right about clever cant keep the suckers in. Thank goodness the chickens aren't as smart. Ill continue to look she's about as big as a 10 week old chicken I wonder if its to late to order a chick online and it them together once the chick gets bigger
If shes still small you should be able to put a friendly hen in with her. (also my apologies on calling her a him, also my condolences on her friend) My two live amough ducks, guinea fowl, chooks and they occasionally go into the guinea pig yards without any worries, you just have to get them when their young. Mine where introduced to chooks when they where about the same size as a hen so i dont think you will have any troubles, but i also think waiting until the chick gets big enough might not work as well....
The hen gets angry when she's broody and will peck but. Have a silver laced Wyandotte 20 weeks old looks like she's 10 weeks old lol that will fit perfect
We had 3 Blue Slate turkeys, 2 gobblers and a hen. We butchered the gobblers, but kept the hen. She is calling for them and seems lonely, they were raised together. We also have chickens and ducks, but she isn't friends with any of them. Will she be ok alone? It has been a week or 2 since we butchered the gobblers.

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