Turkeys with blackhead

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    I know this isn't a chicken, but not many people go elsewhere.

    We have 5 turkeys, recently a hen has been acting slugish, we sluaghtered her today. Then we found that her liver was green, so we found out it was/is blackhead, I have two questions.

    1. Is the sluaghtered hen safe to eat?

    2. How do we treat the other turkeys who also have Blackhead symptoms?
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    Please help.
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    Quote:1. I've read that dead birds should be either burned or buried deep. The choice is yours whether you want to eat it or not.
    2. Metronidazole is used to treat chickens with blackhead. It can be purchased online as 'fishzole.' Dosage for CHICKENS is one 250ml tablet for 5 days.
    3. The cecal worm is the host for the protozoa that causes blackhead. Dosing with valbazen (albendazole) or safeguard (fenbendazole)several times 10 days apart will kill the host...cecal
    4. Chickens are the main carriers of the cecal worm that carries the protozoa that causes blackhead. If you have chickens, keep them seperated from your turkeys.
    I recommend that you establish a worming schedule to prevent and treat further outbreaks. The eggs of the cecal worm can stay in the soil for 3 years carrying the protozoa.
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    Is the meat safe for dogs if we cook it well?

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