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  1. Cmcdow

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    Feb 13, 2008
    I have a Turkin, (my dad gave me) and I notived her vent looks really different. I know, this is strange but it's really swollen and big, and pink. Way bigger than my chickens. She also has green runny poop and shoots it out about 6 inches when she goes. Which is alot. I think this is wierd, anyone else?:eek:
  2. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    How old is this bird?
    You need to separate ... you will then be able to collect an ample sample and you need to get this to the vet to have it checked for parasite or protozoal infection >cocci. The meds for the two are completely different so you need to find out if cocci or internal parasites are a problem.
    At any rate you need to separate to a temp stable draft free clean area to monitor further until you get it figured out.
    Offer some live culture yogurt (free choice) and add some cooked oatmeal to the feed (cooked in water with nothing else added and just enough to feed to make it clump together). ... what kind of feed are you feeding?

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