Turned in leg after raccoon attack


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
A raccoon got into our coop and badly injured our last adult chicken two nights ago. I couldn't see any blood except on her foot and a small scratch on her comb. Her left leg, however, is turned and the foot is facing the other leg, practically stepping on her toes with the other foot. She will stand and drink when I offer a dropper, but hobbles away if I startle her. I haven't examined her very thoroughly bc I was afraid of traumatizing her more... plus she was my wildest bird and doesn't like me much anyways! Should I do something to help correct her leg? She is mostly lying down but not completely immobile. Any tips for handling an injured bird and preventing more injury to herself?

P.S. The hubs got off a few rounds through the coop door and definitely wounded the little bandit that decimated our flock.

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