Turning a metal storage shed into a coop

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  1. typsygypsy

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    Mar 6, 2016
    Hickory, NC
    We plan to turn our metal storage shed into a coop over the next few weeks. We plan to add some windows to it for ventilation. Fix a better door & add their little chicken door that goes out into the run. There are already shelves inside that we can put their nesting boxes in. We will be adding a roost.
    Also will be making their run...
    Are there any suggestions or tips anyone wants to give?
  2. MeepBeep

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    Metal storage sheds can become ovens even if they are ventilated, so make sure to provide a ton of ventilation over and above... Beyond that you could insulate it and put in a 2nd interior wall and roof to protect the insulation from the chickens, this will help reduce the temp inside or you might consider putting a 2nd roof like a car port over to keep it cool, even a tarp roof suspeced about a foot above the shed will shade it and help reduce heat...

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