Turning Dresser into Reptile pen, Critisism or ideas? pics of yours?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Rainstorm, Jan 21, 2011.

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    So I love reptiles <-- see dp of my new baby german giant girl. I have 4 collareds (soon 5, going to be taming down a wild male) and I have 5 beardies, rehoming two babies and getting a medium size red girl soon.

    The tanks.. Just aint working they dont stay warm enough and are very spacey.

    So I was thinking, I could take a dresser or shelves and for every 2 shelves/drawers, (put a bottom in each one of course) I could put a frame for a door and put plexiglass on the frame but leave 2-4 inch gap at the top and cover the gap with screen for air. Thoughts? Ideas? Show me yours??


    Spike and big girl Asha, 13 and 14 inches

    New girl german giant, needs a name very pretty yellowing. 11 inches

    Hayden and Neka. 5 inches and 7 inches, maybe more by now been awhile




    Jester (hes blue and green now!)

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    They are so cute !! My daughter has 4 gecko's , she just loves them.
    As long as you seal up the joints where they meet, I don't see why a dresser wouldn't work.
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    You'd want to prime and paint the inside of the dresser pretty thoroughly, and make sure your lamp or hot rock or whatever is rigged in a way that won't start fires (less of an issue in open-topped glass aquariums), but other than that it sounds quite sensible to me [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    My brother couldn't find a big enough cage for his Savanna Monitor and took an old dresser, took all the drawers out, layed it on it's back, stapled a shower curtain inside it (to ease clean-up) and topped half with an old window and half with a wood and wire frame door. The heat rock set on a ceramic floor tile, the light on top of the wire half. The Monitor had plenty of room and was happy.
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