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7 Years
May 13, 2012
Long Island, New York
ok this might sound a little too concerned but this is my first time hatching ( i'm on day 6) and i don't wanna screw anything up... when i turned my eggs earlier in the day i candled them and i guess i put one back in the same side it was on and just noticed before when i was turning them again... it only missed one turning so no permanent damage was done right? thanks!
Nope, you'll be fine! I hand turn my eggs because I couldn't justify the cost of an auto turner for what may have turned out to be a one time thing (I'll be setting my third hatch today, but there's still a strong possibility I won't be hatching next year so I still stand by my logic). I turn 3 times a day...most days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't get to come home for lunch, so I only turn twice a day on those days. Also, my second hatch was a staggered hatch that I started before the first one was done, and I didn't want to open the incubator more than I had to during "lock down." So they only got turned twice a day for like days 6-10 (my hatch wasn't great on those eggs, only about 40%, but I think the problem was too low a humidity). Forgetting to turn once at day 6 shouldn't affect your hatch in any way.
Mine get turned at random times. I hand turn 80+ eggs. I turn them when I get up in the morning (between 7 & 10 depending on day), sometime mid afternoon (between 2-5), and before I go to bed (between 9 & midnight). So there really isn't a set time schedule. I just try to make sure I turn 3 times a day when possible so they land on the opposite side overnight each night. I've forgotten the evening turn once & the afternoon turn once but didn't worry about it. I know they are getting turned plenty. Turning is just to move the embryo to a different position on the yolk to gather nutrients & to keep it from sticking to the shell.

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