Turning to be stopped on day 18 or after day 18?


Feb 26, 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan
I have chicken eggs in my brinsea maxi 2 ex, should i stop the turning on the 18th day or after the 18th day?

Also, when the chicks hatch, when will i give them the medicine to flush off the yolk and when will i give them something to eat?

i am a first-timer so need help please....
Welcome to BYC! So I would suggest stopping on day 18 - make sure to do so around the time of day you started them on. For ex: If you started them at 10am in the morning, don't wait until 8pm to stop the turner on day 18 - do it about the same time of day. Everybody has different preferences, as incubation is not an exact science. You will find what works for you in your climate - but it is better to turn the turner off a bit early than to keep them turning too long.

I haven't heard of the medicine to flush off the yolk, so I don't think it is something to worry about for a first timer as I have hatched hundreds of chicks and never done anything to flush off the yolk. They will eat once you put them in the brooder - they should be put in the brooder once they are dried off and fluffy. It is best to wait to move them to the brooder until everybody is done hatching (as far as you're aware). They can live off of the yolk they absorb before hatching for several days, so don't worry about them starving or dying of thirst for a couple of days in the incubator.

If you have any other questions you are welcome to private message me, or the people of BYC are always willing to help on the forums!

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