turnips for feed?


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May 28, 2008
Thinking of growing some turnips for not only the greens but the turnips themselves as feed for my chooks.

Will hens eat turnips? Will turnips be a good feed for them in addition to the organic layer feed I have available to them?
Thank you so much! I checked everywhere except the treat chart
Thank you for the link!!
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This may not be true, but it is what I was told...

My Mom said someone in the family didn't have lots to feed their hogs, so fed them turnips in the winter, and the hog or hogs froze to death! Turnips are basically water, with little nutritional value for a chicken. Sorry, but I don't think this will work that well for you. If you have a place to plant a garden though, next year try planting them some pumpkins! Acorn, and butternut squash store really well, and I'm sure both the family and the chickens would enjoy those in the middle of the winter.
Grains or sunflower seeds are just as easy to grow and provide more energy. Just clear a chunk of yard or garden, throw down seed thickly, water, and wait. Come fall you have chicken food and it will store longer than vegetables. For sunflowers you can buy a 50lb bag of seed for cheap this fall to plant next spring and then cut the heads off when they are ready to harvest and store or throw the whole thing in the chicken run as is. I've also cut large patches of oats or even grass after it's gone to seed from our field and given to the chickens still on the stalks. Lots of calories to keep chickens warm all winter.

No single food should replace too much of your poultry feed. Even a mix of foods shouldn't unless you have done plenty of research and come up with a balanced feed to give them everything they need.
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My hens wouldn't touch the turnip greens or the turnips. Loved the carrot tops and beet tops and tomatoes, squash.
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