Tuxedo Coturnix questions?


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
This maybe a dumb question but I recently got a shipment of Coturnix quail that were to be tuxedo. Now that they have hatched I'm wondering exactly what I do have. I was expecting dark chicks with yellowish bellies sides (or a variant of that) ... but I've got all sorts of colors. I have some that are a bright reddish color on top with the white markings, I've got some very dark almost black no stripes with white markings, I've got some that have an auburn back with dark lines and the white bellies. I also have a pure white one and a pure black with no stripes or white markings.

This is my first Coturnix but not first quail. I unfortunately know nothing about color mutations of the Coturnix although I have raised other quail and wasn't expecting these to be true exactly. I am very surprised at the wide number of variations though.

Is this something that always happens with Tuxedo hatching? Did i get sold a mix instead of what I paid for?

Does anyone know of a good web site for Coturnix that displays the color variants and them as chicks? Thank you!
No you got mostly what you paid for. Tuxedo can come in ANY of the colors you can imagine with proper breeding.

Sounds like you have a variety of tibetan tuxedo colors

the pure blacks are called "black at hatch" and mature to look pretty pretty
Without pictures we can't really say what the others are only speculate.

as for looking at pictures I have some look in my signature the first link.
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Thank you for the picture link. Still not to sure really. One looks like the tibetain chick and one looks like am A&M. The others look some what like the tux chick but we'll see.

Maybe I'll try to take some pictures and post them... or maybe I should stop being so impatient!!!
and wait to see what I get. I have had Buttons for a very long time and it's always exciting to see what you get. Buttons don't seem to breed mutations true though so I wasn't thinking these guys would either. It's fun to start all over in a quest for knowledge. I hope all of you here don't mind me asking a ba-zillion questions though!
Coturnix breed a lot true-er than buttons do. But the thing is coturnix have a way of making one gene flip into another. And youcan't always expect 100% the color you want. Like people who want goldens CAN get browns from teh hatch as well even if theres nobrowns present in the flock!
Its because brown below Golden on the color totem pole of sorts

ETA: getting A & Ms (whites) and tibetans (british range) in teh same batch that you get your tuxedos in is perfectly explaininable as it takes a tibetan over a white to produce tuxedo
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