tuxedo courtnix quail eggs need advice on hatching and caring for them


12 Years
Apr 25, 2011
I bought some tuxedo courtnix quail eggs recently off of ebay suppose to ship them out tomorrow and I have never hatched any of these before I will be putting them under a bantam hen to hatch if anyone could give me any advice about how to care for them what protein feed, and how long it takes them to hatch and is it ok to leave them with the bantam hen after they hatch? Would appreciate anyone's input and thanks in advance
few things, first off check out the quail stickies at the top of the quail forum page, tons of great info in there on raising, feed, stuff like that.

now 2nd, i might as well say it as someone else probably will. There is a risk of disease with keeping chickens and quails together. I'm not gonna go into it further but there is a risk. I don't know there names but a few members here have used chickens to incubate quails, if it was me, i'd remove them right after hatch and put them in a brooder @95 degree. They will take aprox. 17-18 days to hatch.

and i'll just throw in there(all this is in the stickies) they need 24% or HIGHER GAMEBIRD STARTER...chick feed will not suffice.

but check over the stickies they have all the info you need, ask again if you need a quick answer
its chicken poo --> quails, so not exactly the chicken. its called like coccidosis or something(quaillady knows more about it)

i havn't really looked into it to much as i don't have chickens.
Yeah that makes sense. when these get bigger do the males get aggressive towards the females if they are not laying I've heard some bird does this just can't remember if it's quail or something else??
na, coturnix are really docile, i had a pen of all males and they were fine together, as long as you got like 1 male to 3 females colony life is fine(granted you might have an oddball that likes to play rough)
Well, first off, good luck hatching coturnix eggs under any broody chicken of any weight class. Secondly, if you get 100% tuxedo hatch from those eggs I would be more than interested in the advanced gene splicing technique the seller used to produce Tuxedo only eggs. They have a far better grip on manipulating genes than the average coturnix breeder!
They didn't say anything about them all hatching out tuxedo just that they are using the tuxedo to tuxedo birds. I don't know anything about that tuxedo gene with him breeding his birds that way around how many chicks out of a dozen would hatch out with the tuxedo pattern?

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