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    We have 4 12-week-old chickens in the coop/run, 2 black Australorps and 2 NH Reds. For the last few weeks, they've taken to staying in the coop to roost during the day, coming out to eat. Last weekend we gave one Australorp and one red to a neighbor. Since then, the other 4 have stayed in the coop quite a bit, with only 1 red coming out this morning when I opened the coop (they usually all tripped over each other to get out). The weather has stayed 40's-50's with some light showers now and then for the past couple weeks.

    I'm starting to wonder about these 4. Are they mourning the loss of their pals (the 6 were together since 2 weeks old)? (Do chickens even do that?) Are they upset that there's no place to roost in the run (there's a pic of the coop/run on my BYC page, though it doesn't show the roof we recently put over the run?

    We're new to chickens so wondering if this is normal.
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    Just spitballing, here, but if the two you gave away were the ones with the gumption, the others might not be quite sure what to do with themselves.
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    Quote:I wondered the same. One of the reds was the alpha and she could have been the one given away (can't tell them apart), but when I stuck my head into the coop this morning, one of the remaining reds came over to me and was the only one to eventually come outside. So it seems she may have some leadership role......

    If that's the problem, how do I help them recover?
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    Time heals all wounds.

    BOSS helps ease the empty feeling in the tummy. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Too funny!!

    I had to find something else to worry about since the 15 eggs in the incubator are being SOOO SLOOWWWW to hatch [​IMG]

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