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Jun 14, 2009
I jumped back into this chicken thing whole hog. Thanks goes out to my grand daughter for the insperation.

Been thinking a while what I was going to do with my mini-flock when they out grow the brooder. Coop or tractor or free range?

Coop- don't have that many chickens, a coop would be expensive, and not fit into what I have in mind.

Free range- that's a non starter. to many feral cats, lose dogs and skunks, coons, possums, foxes, minks and hawks.

That leaves tractor.

First thing I did was settle on size. Not to small because I want my hens to be happy. Not to big because of wieght, if it's to heavy to move, kind of defeats the purpose.

So I settled on 12' long X 3' wide X 3 1/2' tall.

Here is the material unloaded out of the truck. For goodness sakes they don't give that stuff away any more. I was planning on scrounging material but my wife said it needed to look half way decent. Well sometimes new material has nothing to do with it.


Here is the bottom frame completed ready for wire. Wire? Did I hear him say wire? Yes, you did. Thought this one over long and hard too. Way to many burrowing preditors around not to have wire on the bottom. I chose 1"X2" welded galv for my bottom. I really wanted 2"X 4" but I would have had to buy a 50' roll, I only needed 12'. I attached the wire with galvanized staples.


Okay here is the ruff frame completed. Plans are to have doors one on each end. Doors measure 18"X 36", just big enough for me to get my poor aching broke up body through. The far end will have a small enclosure say maybe 3' X 32". But that's a picture for tomorrow.


My plan was to have it completed today, as good plans happen, it didn't work out. Had to run some errands for my Mom and Dad, 84 and 83 years old repectively. Dad still get around okay, needs a little help with the physical stuff. Mom, well mom is in the midst of the long good bye, Bless her heart.

Any way more pictures tomorrow. I will have the house pretty much done and wire on it. Next will be to add an automatic, gravity feed waterer along with feeders.
I am looking forward to seeing your completed tractor!

You won't regret spending time helping your parents.
Stage two!!!

I started this, morning at 0600, some of you guys might say WOW that's early, but the weatherman says high 90's, 100% humidity. Can you say heat stroke. Yesterday after working in that heat all day, I felt each and every one of those 20 extra pounds I am carrying around.

Anyhow this is what I started with this morning, frame mainly done. To do, doors, feeder, waterer, wire. Then try to figure out how I am going to move it around. I deas will be accepted gratefully.

Okay and here is door #1. Made out of 1/2" OSB, 1X2 pressure treated pine. Attached to the frame with an old set of door hinges I had laying around.

Door #2. Made out of left over 1/2" bead board, 1X2 pressure treated pine.

Feeder and waterer installed, ready for wire.

Because of the bheat I took an extended lunch break today. Truth is I got to rest up, I am going fishing tomorrow with my nephew. As soon as I finish entering this post I'll back at it.
1730 La. time, finished-complete-all done. Picked up tools, swept the carporch, tractored it across the yard.

After lunch I went back out and decided before putting any wire on I should add additional bracing to the top. Also because I had 4' wire I was going to have to cut a narrow piece to fill in the gap at the top. So prior to putting the wire on this is what it looked like. You can see some diagonal bracing in the pic.


Okay the wire went on much like wire does, pocks, picks, cuts and scrapes. But its on. By the way in this picture notice the rope on the front of the framing.


This is what the rope was for, best I can do so far. I keep pondering on it and come up with something better.


And here it is out by the barn, completed. It will be a few weeks yet before my chicks are ready.


Not finished until the waterer was tested. So far so good. That waterer is near abouts 30 years old. Notice that I had to patch it with JB Weld.

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Looks great... I can defintly feel you on the heat been High 80's Low 90"s here and 100% humidity.. I like the coop area of it .. Looks awesome...

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