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Sep 26, 2019
Hi. I just joined this group. I have received help from this forum for awhile. I have a Wyandotte that has now laid 7 sets of twins. Over half get to hatch day. I know it’s a long shot but I have twins in lockdown. It’s day 19. I want to drill a safety hole but I can’t figure out when to do that? My last set were both head down in bottom of egg, and I didn’t know it, so they died but were nice little full term babies. The eggs my hen lays are huge. I can tell when it’s a twin egg, seems that’s almost all she lays. Her eggs are bigger than peafowl eggs. It’s crazy. So I need help on what and when to do it. I can see only veins at the top of eggs and a little movement when candled. It’s very dark in there now. I have no idea where there beaks might be. Any help would be great. Thanks
:welcome Glad you joined us. I'm not experienced with this subject but will ask for some help. I do know the "round" end is where the air sac develops but no clue about twins. Not sure what you're considering "bottom" :fl

You may want to update your profile with your location, helps to know your time zone, weather conditions, predator possibilities, supply availabilities ...

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I think one of mine in our bator might be a twin. I don't have any help, but wanting to know what to look out for. It's our first hatch and we're already having some little issues (staggered hatch and weird humidity issues)
All my twins have been in huge eggs from the same hen. When you candle them around day 7, you can clearly see 2 dark spots which is the eye. I try to mark where they are as they grow, thinking it might help with hatch. I want to make a couple of safety holes but not sure when to do that. I was hoping for advice here. I think I will do it today. It’s day 20. Humidity is always a challenge. I try to keep mine in the 40s but that’s what works for me. I tried dry hatching a few times and it didn’t work well for me, so I went back to what I was doing.
Thank you. Maybe I’m not posting in the right area here. I hope someone chimes in before they try to hatch. So far I have had zero luck. I know it’s a long shot but each time I learn something and I figure sooner or later I will manage to hatch at least one of the two. This morning the air cell has gotten very large, the egg had turned all the way over from the position I had it in last night. I figure they are trying hard to get to the air cell. So far none of my twins have even piped internally so that is my concern. How to or what to do today day 20, or day 21. Usually on day 21 they are alive in the morning so I wait and they are dead a few hours later. I want to make the right move at the right time.

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