TWINS!?? How To Tell By Candling


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I candled momma's babies tonight when she took a break to see how everyone(8) is developing and any quitters. None so far! And it's amazing the development difference of a egg turner in the incubator and momma's own turning. But I'm not sure, but 2 of her eggs almost look like there could be 2 babies in one egg, I thought I saw 2 eyes, one on each side of the egg. Is that even possible?? The development is so different to momma turning and moving her eggs then it is by the incubators egg turner. Does anyone know of a sight or have pictures that would show day 16 or 17 in development? I went to Metzer Farms, and I think they are on day 16/17 but with almost a development of day 13 on there on each side. I might just be seeing things because it's so different with momma turning then a machine.

Thanks again!
Double yolkers or twin eggs almost never make it to term. I would say perhaps 1 in 1000 eggs will make it. There is not enough space and one will die early on and poison the egg. If the second one make it, it most likely will have deformities. You have a good change in chicken eggs, but not in duck eggs. Keep an eye on it.
Candling a brooding momma egg is like a whole new ball game/education for me from what I have done on my own incubated eggs that now I don't know what to think! But as I said in a previous post by someone, after my 1 loss, I'm 2cd guessing myself right now. I have been so, so much better with this batch that is coming up about candling, or lack of. And I'm putting up the Hova Bator in a higher place so I can't bump it with my knee when I kneel down to look.
I'm going to do right by these babies, and hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I know I'm sounding stupid, but if I put them on the incubator as day 1 on the 20th of September, my lock down should be this Friday the 15th correct? What if I locked down on day 27th? Then again, I probably should put them in lock down as soon as I see them rocking. I promise, I won't be freaking out this time, I've lived and learned from the 1st babe.

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