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  1. I candled all of my eggs last night & noticed something weird in one of them....

    TWO dark spots & lots 'o veins....[​IMG]

    In the others, I only saw ONE dark spot...and the veining...

    Does this mean a "double-yolker" turned to a DOUBLE baby!?

    I tried to take pics of it, but my camera doesn't like the dark room & insists on flashing & ruining the pics.....
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    I suppose it's possible to get twins, but I've never had that kind of luck. [​IMG] Here's to hoping yours is better than mine.
    Everytime I've put a double-yolked egg in the bator it either didn't develope, or worse, developed and then killed the chick when it couldn't absorb the second yolk. Won't set double yolked eggs anymore, regardless of how big it is.
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    That's totally weird.

    Keep us updated... even if it doesn't hatch, it would be interesting to have a look inside
  4. Quote:Well, this was from an eBay auction. Last night was the second or third time I have candled them in the last two weeks--but the first time I saw two different dark spots...they both seem to be the same size....
  5. Quote:Yeah--if it doesn't end up hatching, I'll definately look inside--I guess I'm morbidly curious like that? LOL [​IMG]
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    Lol, you and me both!

    but if it did hatch.... that would be very, very cool!
  7. Quote:True...but I just am not sure what the survivability would be if TWO chicks came out of ONE egg? These aren't very large eggs, either. The lady who sold them to me (I bought 12) included LOTS of extras from her first year layers--I threw out 5 already with blood rings...and this is one of the smaller, weirder shaped eggs...

    I did get twin bearded dragons one time--both were TINY, but they both survived to adulthood...but neither grew to be very large....
  8. Anyone have any tips on getting some pics of these two blobs? My camera is a Nikon Coolpix 750.


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    you can try to look for a feature on your camera to shut the flash off but I am not sure if that camera has that option.

    Speckeled Hen had a double yolker with 2 developing babies in it and tried all she could to help them make it, she has a post on here somewhere I searched double yolk by speckeled hen and found it.

    It is very rare for twin chicks to make it to full term and hatch alive good luck keep us posted
  10. Thank you!

    Of course, I'm hoping they make it....especially since I bought 12 eggs, was sent 16 [​IMG] but I've now thrown out 5...and I have another four that don't look so good, but I'm not 100% sure about, so I'm saving to see what they do or don't do....[​IMG]

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