Twisted Hips- Is it possible for him/her to have a happy life?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
I have a chick that's about a month old now, and when it was born it had leg problems. 6 days of hobbles and chick chairs and we were up and running! A couple weeks ago it was playing wth the older chicks and one of them jumped on it causing leg problems to start again. It's legs now almost look as if the hips were twisted, can't walk, but it does scoot itself around- backwards- to get where it wants to go.
Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? Is it fixable? I had a duck that had leg problems and coldn't walk for 3 years, so i know how much time it will take to care for this one, and am set up to do it again. (of course you fall in love with the less-than-perfect ones, right?) My only worries is that if it decides to become a rooster, than i'm screwed because I can't have a rooster here...

What should I do? I thought of having him/her put down, but she seems happy and helthy still other than not being able to move around...
I really don't want to put her down unless it's a last resort and she's no longer happy.

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