Twisted Neck in Silver Sussex


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Hi there,
My silver sussex suddently showed signs of a twisted neck. I'd never seen it before. I took her to the out-of-hours vet (100GBPs) but they took so much time with me and my boy and my chicken. they checked her out for calcium deficiency and did an x-ray. there was plenty of grit in the gut. they said that it had to be liesions on the brian - which had only 2 possible causes really - Vitamin E deficiency or Mareks disease. She has complete twisted neck - holding it twisted in an S shape upside-down. I have given her vitamin ACE (human) but don't know if that's right to do. I have given her Budgie food with vitamin E added and have given her lots of pellets and water. She can feed and eat herself. The vet gave me some anti-inflamatory to help with the lesions on the brain but i still fear for her. She is now living in our back bathroom - but I have fully disenfected the second hut and moved it to outside the backdoor and have put her in there today and she seemed quite perky and was able to put her head up and peck most of the day. I am at a loss and very depressed. My other two chickens seem really healthy and strong - but if she has Marek's disease - do I have to consider a cull??? I have had my other chickens for 3 years. Ok they do not lay - but they are so healthy and give us lots of pleasure. I would like to have more chickens but i can't introduce any more until i know my two other ones are safe. Does anyone know how long the Marek's disease can take to show outward signs. I know I must be over worrying. But I'm so worried!!!
hi ive had a few chickens like that i gave them tri vi sol for a week 3 of them was ok and 2 i had 2 sadly cull its worth trying give it ago . hope u have some good luck with it .
Thanks so much for your reply. I will try that out straight away. I have let her out into the garden today as it is sunny. She is actually walking forwards fine today (she has only been shuffling backwards recently) and has her tail up for the first time for about 2 weeks. Here's hoping! Thanks again.
I've had a couple that were twisted so bad that they couldn't, stand, eat or drink and required tube feeding for several weeks. Both of them finally got better and are living normal lives. You should weigh her on a regular basis and take action if she starts to lose weight.

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