Two and a half months of having chickens

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    These days, the chickens come running when they see me. But they still run away when I try to pet them, and freak out (and cry bloody murder) when I hold them.

    Yappy is still Yappy, but isn't quite so much the instigator that she was during the first few days that she was here. Still laying big yummy eggs, eating lots.

    Quiet hen is still quiet, but has taken the title of 'meanie'. Always pecking at the others, especially when it's bed time. Stopped laying eggs, lays shell-less eggs now and then, or soft-shelled eggs. Not eating the oyster shells provided.

    The two youngsters have names now. [​IMG]

    Itchy is the bigger of the two, and looks after his little brother. He crowed for the first time on October 5. Scared the crap out of my mom because she had her back turned to him (saying good morning to the other three). [​IMG]
    He comes up really close to me even when I don't have food.

    Scratchy seems to be behind Itchy in development, and his 'bup-bup-bup' sound is more higher pitched than Itchy's. Very wary of us humans.

    Itchy and Scratchy bump chests every once in a while. Otherwise they're the best of buds.

    I'll post pictures from today as soon as they're done being imported into the computer and uploaded onto the internet.
  2. secuono

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    May 29, 2010
    Aww, cute.

    Itchy & Scratchy show?
  3. Prairie Orca

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    Yup! [​IMG]

    Here are some pictures! Warning... the images may be huge for some folks!

    Itchy (left) and Scratchy (right)

    Itchy (front) and Scratchy (behind)

    "Get that out of my face."


    Scratchy (right) checking on Quiet Hen (left)

    The entire flock, from left to right: Yappy, Scratchy, Quiet Hen, Itchy


    Yappy, staring me down.
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    Aug 28, 2009
    LOL Are Yappy and Quiet hen Golden Comets? They look just like some of mine! Quiet Hen looks like Peggy and Yappy looks like Peanut! LOL

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