TWO Bantams broody in the same nest over same eggs!!!


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I have two bantam chickens that have gone broody in the same nest OVER THE SAME EGGS. They don't seem to mind. They've been sitting together in that nest now for over a week. I wonder what this means and what will happen when the eggs hatch!? They are sitting on 6 or 7 eggs total.
I have a pair of frizzled cochins that raise babies together and now a pair of silkies that are raising 8 chicks together. They seem to do a better job for the most part because someone is always keeping watchout.
Not too unusual for sure....I don't know about bantams but I've seen as many as three hens sitting on a nest and laying. Broody hens can sometimes get mean if other chickens bother them by trying to nest with them but now and then you get two who are compatible and will both brood together...and it's great cuz the chicks then have two momma's to take care of them.
Another factor is that one of the two hens brooding may be the bottom of the pecking order and has to put up with the intruder. Any one else thought of that?
What a good idea. Think I can get a second mom to watch my kids while I go have a cocktail?
They are two frizzle chochins from the same hatch last Feb. They seem to be getting along great. As a matter of fact they are kind to all. So I finally had to cage them off because all the hens were getting in there too and laying on top of them.. I thought it best to stop at 6 eggs to hatch between the two of them!

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