two behavior questions


Mar 9, 2016
We just had our first egg yesterday!
We think it is from our RIRed who started "attacking" us when we went to pick up the egg (which was lid out on open ground!). I finally had to distract her with some lettuce so my daughter could get the egg.
Has anyone seen this kind of thing?
Also, this same chicken (who I regard as one of my pals) follow me around the pen and pecks at my legs. Not hard so it is kind of endearing. But it is sometimes annoying and I don't want it to become stronger. Especially inconsideration of her behavior with the egg. Can I "train" her not to peck me? or What would be an acceptable way of detering or discouraging her?
Thanks from another ignorant chicken "noobie" on the way to becoming a chicken enthusiast!
Pant leg tugging and leg tapping is their way of asking for treats. They have been trained for this by being given treats on every trip to the run. To get it to stop you need to stop giving treats for a period of time to recondition them. Another thing would be to bring empty the same container you usually carry treats out with.

I use treats to train the birds. Whistle each time giving some to them and soon they come running to my whistle. In this way we can call an escaped bird or all the birds to us for inspection or if one escapes to capture. The birds act hungry and will always come checking you out when near but the underfoot and pant tugging stops if you limit treats and use a call or whistle specific for it. Before doing that stop all supplemental food for a week or so then retrain the birds and limit supplemental food trips.

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