Two bonded female IB peahens

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I have TWO peahens available.

    These girls are not related, but have grown up together and love each other. I will not separate them.

    One is a standard colored India Blue, the other is a white India Blue.

    These ladies are almost a year old, and should begin laying next year. They need a home with a similarly aged boyfriend.

    Please do not contact me if you do not have proper accommodations for peafowl. These girls CANNOT simply be allowed to free range, the white bird WILL immediately be killed by a predator. Thy currently live in a 10 x 20 covered chain link run, with an attached 6x6 barn and several swings and ladders and perches for playing. These are the minimum space requirements for a trio of peafowl. Small dog kennels do not count, and again, just letting them wander loose is not safe for them. These girls are very smart and well-adjusted birds that have never been kept in confines too small for them, and I will not send them to live somewhere where they will pace and cry for lack of adequate space. Peafowl are not chickens and cannot be kept as such. They do not eat chicken feed and they are vulnerable to germs that don't harm chickens. I am looking for a home for these girls with someone who has experience with peafowl and dedication to their proper care.

    $100 for BOTH birds. I can text you photos if you'd like, but they do, in fact, look just like yearling peafowl. I can meet you with them in downtown Fort Smith, or halfway for you if you'll help cover fuel.

    Call or text 478-739-one864.

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