Two Chick Questions:


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009

1) I have 8 - 6 week old chicks, can I go back to the feed store and get more (same age) and put them together?

2) Right now they are in our computer room in a pen....can I put them in the garage in a bigger pen with two heat lamps till they get big enough to put them with the older girls?

7 are feathered out well...1 (rooster I suspect) still has fluff on his back. Thanks :)
The answers to both of your questions is yes. At 6-8 weeks, depending on where you live they may not need a heat lamp anymore.
And as long as the feedstore chicks are the same age as yours (6-8 weeks, or somewhere around there) they can go in with your chicks.
Yes, i would be getting the new chicks from the same feed store I bought the chicks I have now.

What diseases?

The garage pen will be an x-large dog crate. I will be attaching hardware cloth around it and on top with cable ties.

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