Two chickens gone. What did it?


Jul 28, 2021
Yesterday, all of my chickens were happy, running around together. Later yesterday, one chicken was freaked out sitting on my windowsill. The other two were hiding by a bush. One was missing. There were a few feathers, but barely any sign of struggle. We couldn't find her. All day today, I was sitting outside near my chickens. I was sure it was a bird of prey that stole my chicken. Maybe she had even gotten lost? But I needed to make sure there were no other birds around. I was on my computer, no predator birds in sight, I thought everything was fine. All of a sudden, I heard my chickens scream, two of them came running to me. I jumped up and made sure they were ok. My sister came out and watched them, my mom and I went to find my beloved chicken, Nugget(that is her name). The chickens were in the garden, only feathers left. I ran out of the garden, and I saw a line of her feathers, guessing she had been dragged. We only have two chickens left. I assume it was a fox attack, but I'm not sure. Any ideas of the predator?
Could be a fox.
They will watch you from a place you can't see them and wait for your guard to drop or for you to be distracted, then they attack.
It will be best to lock your girls up so they aren't taken. If it is a fox, it will continue to check in as it passes by the property to see if it has a chance to attack.
If you have a predator proof run, they could go in that but the ladies would probably be satisfied to stay in the coop.
I have trapped fox and a bobcat in the past that have killed my birds and eliminated them because they don't give up. I have seen other fox since and as long as they leave my birds alone I'll leave them alone. I have electric wires around my coops and pens, good heavy duty netting covering my pens and concrete under all of the gates all due to predators that have killed my birds in the past. I also have several game cameras up around on my property and most nights see predators especially fox. We also have coyotes and bobcats. I quit free ranging many years ago due to losses from predators but my land is mostly open pasture. If you trap but do not want to eliminate there are usually wildlife rescues. I accidentally caught an owl that was killing my birds. I called a wildlife rescue and they came and got it. Again, good luck...

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