Two Chicks of the Same Breed Died, Need Help

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    Mar 20, 2013
    I had two chicks of the exact same breed die today. I got them on Monday and they seemed fine. I bought them from Family Farm and Home but they ordered them from Murray McMurray. It happened so quickly that I'm not sure why they died. They started out wobbly and couldn't hardly keep their eyes open. Then, within the next hour they just laid in one spot regardless if any of my other chicks stepped on them or not. I tried giving them their water with vitamins and electrolytes but they had no interest. All my other chicks seem fine. So far it was just the two of the same breed. Anyone know what this could be?


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    Mar 10, 2013
    do they have a pasty butt?? If so use warm water and a cloth to soften and remove. Pasty butt blocks their vent then they cant poo, stop up, then die. I add plain yogurt with live cultures to some warm water then mix with some of the starter crumble and make like a hot cereal. This gets their gut working and they love it! I gave mine hard boiled egg yolk for a couple of days too. I got my chicks from mm, 43 of them, and all are well. I also put 1T of raw organic apple cidar vinegar in their gallon water each filling. I still give mine their warm cereal at 2 weeks old because they love it so much. I hope this helps you, good luck p.s. check everyones butt everyday!

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