Two cute!!!


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
far west Ohio
After 52 days of incubation, I have Emu chicks!

AVining sent me two of the last eggs of the season back in March. Thanks, Annette!

I kept them in my homemade incubator for 50 days (long enough to see several batches of chicks, ducks, turkeys, quail, and guineas go through the same bator!), and it finally became their turn to hatch!
Nemo and Dory (named because my 4-year-old was so excited we were getting "Nemo" eggs in the mail!)


I am so glad they hatched for you. As I said, I was worried about shipping them. These were the first that I shipped out (actually first of any eggs I have shipped) and I was worried I wouldn't do something right. I hope that you and your family enjoy them as much as I do.
They are so cute! I do have a question though-is Purina Flock Raiser a good food for them? I had to specially order Ratite Starter from my local feed store, and it won't be in until next Thursday. In the meantime all I have is Purina Flock Raiser. What do you feed yours?
I just feed mine chick starter or game bird whichever I have on hand and they do fine with it.
Thanks-I do have the Ratite Starter ordered, but if they do fine with the other I will probably just go back to that once this bag is empty. It is expensive-almost $20 a bag!
Are Emu really difficult to hatch? I have heard some people say they are, but they weren't for me.....
I haven't had a problem hatching them. I was hatching four out of five eggs every time I set them. Last hatch I got five out of five. I did have some eggs that I lost to the weather. We had a lot of snow this year during laying season. I think all together I really only lost about five chicks during incubation but I lost about 15 eggs to weather.

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