Two day old, only hatch, pekin duck care


Oct 7, 2021
Hello community! I have a 2 day old pekin duck I hatched from egg (I won’t get into the details of why my other 3 eggs didn’t make it but let’s just say you should all be proud I didn’t murder my housemate) that being said I have a lonely duckling and I’m doing my best to keep it happy but any advice or warnings on what I’m currently doing is greatly appreciated!
I cannot leave her in the incubator anymore as she hates it in there and screams/distress calls constantly (maybe she can smell the death of her siblings in there? Is that a thing? I did clean it but only one time since they passed in there)
So anyway I purchased a machine washable duckling set that has a larger duckling with a zippered compartment I have been putting warm water filled bottles in, I have a heating pad sitting on high under 4 inches of hemp bedding on half the side of a plastic box (homemade brooder and have religiously monitored the temperature in all areas, it is livable for her but I don’t feel like typing out my temp log.
She really loves sitting in my sweater, right next to my mouth as I exhale warm air at her (sleeps happily for 2-3 hours like this) before getting hungry, hanging out in the brooder for 20 minutes eating, pooping and running around before crying for more holds.
she seems happy just want to confirm I’m not doing anything wrong


Aug 16, 2021
your duckling needs more duckling companions. please get another 2 young ducklings to grow up with her. Meanwhile, give her a soft toy or even a sock filled with washcloths to snuggle up with when she is not with you. And a mirror may offer her temporarily a distraction from being alone.


Jun 23, 2020
I had 1 baby chick hatch, I put 2 small teddys in with him for company at bedtime as nowhere near where we are had baby chicks.
He would chirp and make noise but as long as he knew you were around he stopped and was fine. He just needed to know he wasnt alone.
At night he would get louder until you cuddled him in your hand, every night he would do the same thing then instantly fall asleep in your palm and when he was fast off I would put him under the heat plate and he would sleep until morning.
From 5 weeks old I put him outside in a cage during the day, right up next to our other chickens so he could see them and now at 8 weeks old he rarely wants anything to do with me much preferring to be with the chickens.

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