Two days and then this.

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    My younger EE were put by me into the coup two days ago. They were about a third smaller than my 22 week old leghorns and buffs. They were not getting along but no major issues for two days just the normal pecking order getting worked out. Then this morning my wife went to go check on them and one of the four had almost no tail feathers and was bleeding. I have cleaned her up and separated them back up. Put rooster booster on them 3 of the 4 had sore spots. I am glad my wife caught it early this morning. I just don't know why after two days of living and sleeping together they were attacked buy my buff? And she is not even laying yet.
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    Chickens are wierd critters. Hard to predict how they will react to anything. How old are the young pullets?? It seems like 14-16 weeks is the reccomended age to integrate. If they have a place to run to, younger is OK. Can you seperate an area in the coop with chicken wire or something? Make the opening just big enough for the little ones to run in, but too small for anyone bigger to follow. I don't know what rooster booster is. I have had great luck with blue cote. It turns the skin a purple color, and the other chickens loose interest in pecking. Just prevent infection and anymore pecking. The feathers should grow back fine.

    An established, peaceful flock is a thing of beauty. But sometimes changes just make it nasty fast.

    Good Luck. I hope all turns out well.

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