Two Different Generations Of Chickens

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Kraftychickn, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Sep 29, 2015
    We have our first batch of girls that are now 6 months old and starting to lay. We also have our second batch that are 3 months now. Mixing them was no big deal, but now feeding them together is concern. The big ones are still eating grower feed, and the babies are eating the layer food. Our eggs are soft, so we are sure they are not getting the calcium they need, and afraid the babies are getting too much! What should we do?? Any help would be appreciated!!
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    I hope you accidentally typed wrong... Younger ones should NOT be on layer feed at all. That's definitely too much calcium.

    I have a mixed flock l from 1 month olds to teens, to pullets at POL, to 1.5 year olds. I feed them all grower feed and have tons of oyster shells available for them. Insuggest you so the same. It will save you lots of time, energy and worry. I let them free range, so I sprinkle shells all around the yard for them to find ever once in a while. There's also a huge pile on the side patio for them to nibble on if they can't find any in the yard. I also toss egg shells in an open compost pile, so I'm sure they eat some of the shells too.
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    x2 When I have a mixed flock - layers, various ages of chicks and a roo or two - I feed either grower or Flock Maintenance. I offer oyster shell in a separate container for the girls, and they take what they need. Sometimes the chicks and roos will take a few nibbles of the shell, but not enough to do any damage.
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    x2 on @UrbanFarmOC comments. Just put out grower feed for all and keep crushed oyster shell out at all times for the older girls to have when they want it.

    Good luck with your flock, hope you are enjoying them!

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