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Mar 8, 2008
New to the message board and incubating. This may have been covered in a previous post. Incubating in a LG with turner and fan. Mercury thermometer reads 99....a digital thermometer/hygrometer that I placed in the incubator 2 hours ago reads roughly 5 degrees different ( lower ). Both thermometers are at roughly the same location in the incubator. Duck eggs have been incubating for about 48hrs. Which thermo should I trust? Have I lost the eggs before even really getting them started? Thank you for your help.
Murphys law of incubating states "when using more than 1 thermometer at a time they will never agree" so pick the one that you beleive to be the most accurate and go with it. For peice of mind that your doing things right. Never, ever check with a second thermometer. 2 thermometers from the same brand will rarely agree exactly.
If it's the mercury thermo that came with the LG it needs to be calibrated. It
moves up and own on the clips holding it to the paper scale.

I highly reccomend a wiggler with a good digital oral thermometer. This will
give you a good bas line to go with. Temps will vary by multiple degrees in
a LG.

I think you ducks are fine.

I must say I'm very impressed so far with the Accurite I bought at Lowes for $12.

It's the one all the way to the left.
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Thank you! I think I have it regulated now. I'm going with the digital thermometer. This is my first hatch and I'm trying to do everything I can to get this right. Hoping these Ancona Ducklings have a good shot!
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