Two ducklings with broken legs


5 Years
May 23, 2014
Louisa, Virginia
I am not sure about #2 as I was getting full on attacked by Mom and Dad after inspection of #1 duckling. I finally saw them yesterday when mom brought them out of the coop to March them around for inspection that we had two that looked like they had splay leg. I grabbed one this morning and was getting clobbered by mom and dad Muscovy to see that it was a open fracture with her foot blue and turned. I don't know what to do? It's the ankle right above her foot and the foot is blue. I don't know how to splint that area any idea's? Anything I can do? She is a happy little thing and everybody else patiently waits for them. Thanks in advance poultry friends
Is there a way to get them to a vet?

Ducklings are very resilient, we just need to figure out how to help them.

I would suggest you post over on the Duck Forum, also.

Sometimes ducks have amputations - especially if the foot is blue, circulation has been cut off, we don't know for how long.

But I am not trying to rush that kind of thing.

With splay leg, you can use something to hold the upper legs in the right place.

See if there is something here that helps.
I would set up a sling arrangement for her - take the weight off, and you may be able to adjust the foot to restore circulation. Worth a try. I don't know but I would try massaging the foot with a teeny wee bit of olive oil. And if you have comfrey or St. John's wort, I'd squish a little of that into a paste and dab it - just a half a drop - on the foot... but you need to be comfortable with the idea. It's just an idea I had - comfrey is healing, and SJW is supposed to help heal nerves. Topical application.
She doesn't do poultry I have called before. I will try again and see but I have a feeling there isn't going to be much that can be done. I pulled them both and thier feet smell horrible and are black. Still happy little critters but the feet are beyond saving and a one legged duck is not not going to survive long. I wish I could get them prosthetics I don't know what could have happened and I won't do anything g until I see they are getting sick but I will call her Monday and see if Melissa takes poultry now she cares for my pot bellies!

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