Two eggs and she goes Broody??

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by JoieD, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Got my first egg Tuesday. I didn't know which one of my little 20 week old flock produced it until yesterday when I couldn't find my Light Brahma, BubbaLou. She was in the coup (in her self made nest area, not the boxes I worked so hard on) and sat and sat and sat. After 3 hours I got worried and checked on her. She ate a few pellets I put down beside her and grumbled at me ,but still continued to just sit there. She is so new to this egg laying business(me too) I thought maybe she was having trouble and I didn't want to frighten her by picking her up. Then it dawned on me. Could she be broody already? I was surprised enough that it was my Brahma laying the first egg, thought they were late layers, but this behavior really threw me. FINALLY after 4 1/2 hours she comes out of the coop and begins to mingle with the others again. The EE's, Orpington, and Wyandots. I grabbed the egg,which turned out to be a large double yolker and she didn't go back in the coop. Here's a pic of my first egg. It was beautiful and delicious! How common is her behavior?


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    Hmm...I've heard of this before. It happens, and brahama's do tend to go broody. Her understanding is 'oh, I laid an egg! Time to hatch them, now!'. If she stays overnight, she may be broody. She may get off though, and just be practicing for the real time. [​IMG]

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