Two eggs in one day?


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Aug 22, 2010
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So I posted this as a different question earlier, but I didn't get any thoughts back and I'm perplexed....
I was out on errands and DH was doing some work outside. He says that he had checked the boxes which were empty at that point. One of the girls went in and stayed in for a long time. He checked on her at one point, and she left the box, then returned - still empty, he says. and when she finally came out after making a lot of noise, he says this was in the box. Is it possible for one girl to lay 2 eggs at one time? One seems perfect, the crinkly egg was INSIDE the broken egg, which had a leathery shell. So she technically laid two eggs though there are 3. Bizarre. What would cause this?

This sort of thing happens a lot with pullets. Once they are laying more it all works out, getting the internal machinery timing right is all. Are these her first eggs? If so it makes sense. Her shelling area wasn't ready yet she was producing eggs, two jambed there until her first good egg pushed them out. She's on hard shells now so all is well. Soft shells are common when fist laying, double shelling occurs too.
Thanks! We've been getting soft or no shelled eggs here and there as well, so I wondered if that was what was going on. All 8 girls are almost laying now then.
It just seemed so odd!

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