Two foster chicks rejected by hen... :(


10 Years
May 18, 2010
I had a broody hatch two silkies for me, and yesterday I added more to her brood. I got 3 chicks from one place who were only 1 or 2 days old, and then 2 from another place who look to be 5 days old. Well, the older chicks didn't take to the hen and she rejected them in the morning. Now I have two chicks who are being raised in a brooder and I'm wondering if they'll be ok? They seem lonely right now and like to cuddle with my hand.

Will these chicks be ok as a pair? I'll have to introduce them later or sell them, depending on their sexes and how things turn out.
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Usually the more the merrier but at least they have each other. I would think as long as you follow the general guidlines with a heat lamp etc they should be ok. Might consider putting all the littles ones together in a brooder for more company.
That's the thing, I didn't WANT to brood any chicks, haha. I wanted the hen to take care of it for me. That and she's so happy to be a mama and they're so happy to have a mom that I would want to ruin that. These guys just didn't want a hen to care for them I guess :|

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