Two frizzle babies on there way to me

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    Nov 24, 2011
    I am soooo stoked i have finally tracked down a frizzle breeder in my area woop woop woop [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] and i have two babies coming next week they will be 7 weeks old just like my other babies who are now living in harmony with my big girls ,in fact last night when i went to say good night to them all i saw one of the big girls on the lower perch of the bed room and the babies were sitting under her was so cute [​IMG] ,i dont think she even realised but still was super cute [​IMG] ,Anyway my question is will it be ok to put the frizzle babies in with the others the breeder has told me they have been out free ranging as the weather here is super hot ,My plan was to just lock the big girls out and allow the babies top get used to each other and then just allow the big girls back in to be honest i dont think they will even realise there is 2 more dont think they can count can they ??? [​IMG] Any advise would be great this breeder has heaps of positive feedback for breeding healthy chickens i have done a lot of research on them [​IMG]

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