two hens crops impacted, need to give tape worm meds, dose or wait


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Jul 17, 2013
hi, crops were somewhat firm in morning, held off on giving tapeworm meds to those two. Have given meds to the two healthy hens and my very sick one already.(she is very weak but hanging on by a thread),feeding her by hand. Wanted to give the other two lethargic hens their tapeworm pea size amount but thought I'd check their crops for impaction or sour first in morning. Crops seem softer this afternoon. I gave olive oil this morning and massaged them both. If they still have crop issue tomorrow morning what can I do at home, no money for vet. I read also about making them throw up. My concern is that I need to give them the meds for the tape worms which I had posted on 4-24-14, ASAP. Can I do that today or wait to see tomorrow morning about their crops? If crops aren't empty again, what should I do? They are getting thin. On top of that, one of those hens has a slightly swollen vent and the edges look yellowish around it, like puss under the skin. She eats a little and has a droopy comb, so does the other one. neither have been laying for a few months, no lice. I saw the tapeworm segments in the poop and am thinking that that is what is causing so much havoc. My 5 hens aren't friendly and I have to chase them to handle them, they were someone elses and were given to me when those people moved, otherwise I would have known how they were doing before there was noticeably something wrong. They have Corid in their water 3 days now. 3 hens have been treated for tapeworm, 3 days ago. What can I do about this crop issue and meds,(when) and the vent issue? I read on a post to douche her with vinegar and water, also yeast infection cream and Neosporin. The only liquid antibiotic I have is penicillin (for my cat, injectable) The other hens' vent looks fine although they both have runny poops, (yellow, white and medium green,) I also want to thank BYC for all the replies I got on the 24th, especially Dawg and sarah and eggsessive. Thank you all, it has comforted me in all this.

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