Two Hens Share Chicks

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Just thought I would share my story. I purchased 4 pet quality silkie pullets last year. Two of which are these partridge girls. These two started laying first, and after about a month they both went broody within a week of each other. I decided to get four chicks and see if I could get one to mother them. I picked the larger of the two separated her in the coop and introduced the chicks at night. She took to them. :) My other partridge continued to be broody. The chicks are just over four weeks old now, and about a week ago my other broody started calling to the chicks for food through the wire, pacing, and always watching the chicks. I give the mom and babies coop time everyday so they can run around in more space. Half a week ago now I let the mom out with the other broody in the coop and I was amazed, they were sharing the chicks! That night I put the mom and chicks away and the other broody was calling to them and pacing the wire, it broke my heart. So I let her in with them....Her and the other mom sit together and keep the babies warm it is sooo sweet! Here is a video I got of them their first day as a group :)
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    Very sweet! Thank you for sharing! [​IMG]
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    Just saw this, and it's so sweet!!

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