two hens staying in same nest box for a week

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    hi there! I have two bantam hens who are very bonded (they watched the rest of their flock get massacred by a fox over the course of two nights). Usually, they run and play in their little house and gobble up any treats I give them. The last week or so, though, they have been lying on top of each other in their nest box (they have three, but they prefer to use the same one). I am concerned because they are not eating or drinking. They also have not laid any eggs in about 3 weeks. I put out a banana and they haven't touched it. I put out yogurt and they did gobble that up, but I have to force them out of the nest box. The last 2 days, one of them will not budge. They are both pecking at me and rearing up when I try to move them, but the one that won't leave is more aggressive than the other. Are they just broody? How do I make them eat? Their eyes are open and seem alert, they are very reactive, but I'm afraid they're sick/depressed/bored. I don't know how old they are. We have had them for about 2 years. I feed them layer mash and don't give too many treats. They have a giant run, but they refuse to leave their house (they seem pretty scared of the outside world, and prefer to stay in their safe little house). What do you guys think? Thanks!!
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    Hello! That sounds like a classic case of the broodies. Nothing to worry about. Broodies will get up and run around to eat, drink, and relieve themselves at least once a day, and sometimes twice.

    They usually do that very frantically, like they've gotta hurry hurry hurry......

    It'll be fine. Maybe you can give them a few eggs to hatch.....
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    Sound broody to me. I pick up my broody ones every day and set them down in front of the feeder. I have 2 hens that spent 2 weeks in the same nest box, then finally the silkie went and got into another one. I don't know how they even fit in there, because the bigger one is a light brahma:-D

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