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    How often do you have to change the hay in nesting boxes? What is good to use in nesting boxes?

    And how many times a day do you collect eggs?

    We were just told by a family friend that we have to have an AC in the summer and a heater in the winter or the eggs will go bad....True? Kinda true?False?

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    I am not sure what others use but i use pine shavings and straw in the nest boxes. I change it when its dirty - like if they poo in there.

    I collect eggs once a day when I feed/water them and check them for the night. usually first thing after I get done work.

    I collect eggs that I ship out for hatching more often- but the eggs for eating I usually just do once a day.

    I don't heat or air condition my barns. but i use heat lamps in the bantam barn to keep the waters from freezing and the smaller birds need the heat.
    In summer I open all the windows and do use a fan to circulate the air so they dont get too hot.
    I would think it would depend where you live if you have to use heat or air conditioning. I live in NY state 1 hr south of montreal so we get a lot of snow in the winter months and cold.

    I know in the winter the large eggs crack and I toss most of them that are this way. Unless they are "clean" and I wash them and thaw them and use them that day.

    I am sure others have opinions on here.

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