Two issues: egg bound and possible broody hen?


Apr 26, 2020

I have two different things going on with two different hens that I thought I would ask about.

The first hen hasn’t laid an egg since Thursday, but I figured this would be normal since the temperatures where I live just dropped to the low 30s. She also got attacked by a hawk a week ago and has recovered beautifully and laid the day after but I didn’t know if that could play a part in it. I’ve been watching her and she’s been running around, pooping, scavenging, eating and drinking.

The second hen I noticed just tonight that she’s going into the nesting box instead of the roosting bar. I’ve placed fake eggs in the nesting boxes awhile ago to encourage them to lay there and they all do so now. I don’t know if she’s going broody or not. I’m concerned about her being in the nesting box and not up with the others keeping warm. I remove all the real eggs everyday. Should I remove the fake ones as well? I also noticed a little bald patch near her lower neck area and I don’t know if she did that or maybe a rooster. I’m not sure of the breeds but I’ll include some pictures! The suspected broody hen is the tan girl! Thank you!


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The one hen could be broody. If she is persistent and sits on the nest all day she definitely is. I think she’ll be fine in the nesting box. I had a broody hen hatch eggs this November and she was fine despite the cold weather. If you don’t want her to hatch eggs then you’ll definitely want to take away the fake eggs so she won’t keep sitting. Also that bald patch on her lower neck could be an indicator that she’s broody because hens pluck that area when their broody.
Other than going into the nest box, are you seeing any other signs of broodiness? Is she puffing up, flattening down, crankier than usual, ripping feathers from her own chest, staying on nest day and night?

She may still be recovering from being attacked, like a delayed reaction, which could also account for not laying and off behavior.

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