Two leghorns sick - one died. Appear to be "drunk" and cannot stand

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    Sep 17, 2011
    I have two pullet Leghorns approximately 8 months old, about 2-3 pounds each. They were fine yesterday but this morning when my husband opened the coop, one was stumbling and she could not walk. She tried to drink some fresh water and then just laid down. She kept trying to get up but was not able to and she finally died. She apparently had diarrhea since it was present in the coop and on her feathers.

    The second leghorn is stumbling but able to move around. She is eating but very clumsy in her movements. I have put her in a box separate from the rest of the micro flock (one more leghorn, a barred rock, Rhode Island red, and red sex linked.) The rest of the flock appear unaffected.

    I looked around the yard and did not see any poison, my husband has not put any poison, fertilizer etc out at all. We have plants but they are fenced so the chickens cannot reach them. We have fresh water out for them, they eat Layena feed, we supplement with some fruit rinds (mostly mango and apples) but that is about it.
    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I don't want to lose another girl!

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