Two lovely ladies in need of new home- Westchester County NY


5 Years
Oct 1, 2014
We are moving across the country and cannot take our two lovely, sweet three-year old Ameraucauna hens. Anyone within reasonable driving distance of Westchester County NY willing to adopt them?
Hi. Congrats on your move altho sorry about your need to relocate your girls. We are near enough but wondering if they are still laying regularly?
They are still laying. Would you be adding them to an existing flock? I would also give you whatever food (organic layer feed) and scratch I have on hand.
I live in the mountains of NY ...would you consider UPSing them...we free range here

I think I would feel better if I delivered them- less traumatic for them (and me). Which mountains? Adirondacks or catskills?
Adirondacks...Saranac Lake NY...UPS comes right to the door...trying to load pics...if you go to my profile you may see them...
we have a small group right now...Don is very gentle and protective...and they talk a lot...they also free range of the
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Do you have any pics?
Don, with Speckle and Tutu...Don's tails a little blurred because he was wagging it ...breakfast treat peanut butter spagetti
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Hi. I would be happy to include them into our flock. This is a great time to do it as the weather allows for gentle introductions. I'm not that far from you and can pick them up or you can deliver, if you wish. PM me for my number and to discuss so I can let you know about us. I'm happy through the interview process..I understand wanting the best situation for girls.

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