Two Muscovy Ducklings

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    I have two ducklings left from a batch that hatched on December 15th. They are now 2months old and no longer need a heat lamp. I left them with their mother, so they are not used to being handled.

    The mother is a great egg layer, almost lays as much as my Khakis which is amazing for a Muscovy. She has successfully hatched many batches of eggs this past year. She is pied a dark blue and white, with a black head. The father is a calm all white male with a black spot on the top of his head, and though he was slow to put on weight in the end he was more than 15 lbs by the time he reached one year old.

    Of the two ducks left, one is male and the other is most likely female. The male is pied white and black, and some of his black feathers are displaying the brilliant green iridescent shine that runs in his maternal line. He is also already the size of his mother at two months and is rapidly putting on weight and getting bigger. The other duck is all white but has some black spots on the face and head. It grew so fast that I at first thought it was a male, but now judging from the size of the other males in the clutch that I am keeping and the smaller feet of this duck I believe it is actually a female.

    The picture is from when they were one month old, will be taking new pics to put up tomorrow.

    Pick-up only in or near LA County, please double check with me through PM if we can work it out. $30 cash for both of them.

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