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Mar 6, 2014
Beaverton, OR
I have two quick questions that just popped into my head today, first, I have one of those circular metal feeders and the chicks havent taken too much of a dent out of it, and from what I can tell havent soiled the actual food inside the feeder. How often do I need to add fresh food, and what I mean by that is dump whats in there and add new food? Or is it best to wait for it to run low and then add more? Second, I have been reading that scrambled egg chopped up very fine is a very good treat for them, but is that just plain scrambled egg? or egg with butter? Im sure this is a silly question but I want to ask because we have an induction range so I can only use stainless steel or cast iron, so stainless steel it is- and if I dont use butter (we do grass fed butter) its a pain in the butt to clean lol- I already cook eggs for my husband and daughter and having to clean it in between so anything to make things quicker! Though, I do love the chicks and will scrub a little extra harder if I have to :)
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You can wait until the feeder runs down, before you fill it. No need to throw it out.
Egg with butter is fine. The reason behind eggs as a treat is because they don't need any grit in their system, to digest it..
Hard boiled eggs work, too. No butter needed.
Thanks! I have been offering chick grit to them, which the LOVE, but Im unsure if I should be offering anything at this stage, I think they are a couple of days to a week old.

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