Two (Rhode Island Red?) Hens in London, recently started laying.


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Nov 6, 2012
I need to rehouse my two Rhode Island Red hens, Madge and Nugget. They are best friends who need to go to their new home together. They started laying about a month ago, so you'll get a lot of eggs from these lovely ladies, so far it's been at least one a day. They are also absolutely wonderful pets, who like being petted and talked to, they are so sweet and well behaved, and always up for a bit of a cuddle. These chickens absolutely cannot go to someone who would eat them (obviously). I'm only guessing on the breed based on pictures and other chickens I've seen at city farms. As long as someone is within reach of public transport, I'd be happy to meet them half way (or in their front garden!), I live near Elephant and Castle in South London, but I could even take them out to the country as long as there's rail service. I'd also like to mention there's absolutely nothing wrong with these girls, it's just that my housemates think they might be attracting roaches to the house and it's a shared garden, so if everyone's not happy there's not much I can do.

this is Nugget at a younger age, Madge is just behind.

(you can tell them apart by Nugget's wonky tail feathers)

Madge loves perching by the window for a chat

Nugget is camera curious :)
Can you please confirm if the chickens are still available. I would like to add them to a few bantam hens that I have
Yes, my girls are still available! I'd love to see them interact with some other hens! (Nugget is a bit of a bossy beak). Where abouts do you live? how long have you had chickens for? :)
I just wikipedia-ed that! Thanks for the info! I thought rhode island red wasn't a perfect match and now I know why! :) p.s. maybe we call them warrens here, but I'm saying red sex links-- it sounds so much racier!!
We live in Purley hence can arrange to collect the hens today (friday). This will give me the week end to ensure they settle down with the other bantams. All the bantams are very friendly
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Yes today would be fine, I'm at work but my housemate jason would be home! My number is 07414645711, you can call me for directions! (sorry for the late response, I was walking my duck!)
OK thanks. let me know a good time to call. Can you confirm if both the hens have started to lay eggs or just 1 so far. Would you have a carry box or do I need to bring one
Hi there it's regarding about your chicken are they still available? please let me know and if i can have your no thanks.

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