Two Show Quality Bantam Polish Pullets **wc black, wc cuckoo** MUST SEE!!!!


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*$175.00 for the pair * plus shipping
I have two Show Quality Bantam Polish Pullets for sale.

Wc Black Pullet
Wc Cuckoo Pullet

I get asked all the time to sell just pullets but haven’t yet. I don’t know when the next time I will be selling just pullets so here is your chance for people that can’t have roosters. They are both around 6 months old. They were vaccinated for Marek’s at one day old and vaccinated for Fowl Pox 4 weeks ago. The wc cuckoo has a nice round white crest. Her body coloring is stunning. She has a lovely tail set and would do well in show. My wc black pullet is very nice as well. I have gone back and forth about selling her because she is so beautiful. She has a very full white round crest. Her body has a green sheen in the sun (desirable by judges). She has a lovely tail set. She does have a mild crooked beak on the top. You can’t see it unless you are looking directly at her face. Please see pictures.

My birds require a lot of care. They can not free range because they can’t see well and can’t escape predators. They need to be kept in places where they are safe and can find their food. Because of their massive crests they sometimes need help finding their food and water.

Shipping is $14.00 for a new shipping box and you will pay exact USPS Overnight shipping (around $40-50 depending on where you live. If you are close to CA it will be less). If you want a quote PM me your zip code. These birds will ship on Monday, November 19, 2012.

Once they leave the post office I am no longer responsible for them. I can't guarantee their safe arrival. I have never had an issue with birds arriving dead but I want to make sure you are aware of the risk of shipping birds. I do take a picture the day they ship so you can see I am shipping you healthy birds. I doubt it would be a problem but by paying for these birds you are agreeing to the terms.
PM me with any questions.
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