Two Silkies and a Rhode Island Red..Roo or Pullet?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by bzbrown, Mar 20, 2013.

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    These are my husband's chickens. I told him he could get two. As you can see he has math issues. I also had preferred to get sexed chickens so we didn't have to play the waiting game. He went straight to the nearest feed store and brought these 3 home. They are about 4.5 months old now, we've had them since November. I couldn't get better pictures because these 3 really don't care for me, especially that Red. Any clues did he bring home 3 roo's?
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    production red hen and two silkie pullets
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    Thanks. I wasn't too sure about the Silkie towards the front of the picture.
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    Well we got an egg today! No clue who laid it. I was gone having surgery and the kids who are home on spring break didn't hear any unusual activity happening when they were near the coop harvesting strawberries... So who knows. It's a smallish egg, but I'm leaning towards it not belonging to the silkies. Who knows. Pretty darn exciting mystery.
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    The production red egg should be a medium brown color of moderate size. The silkie eggs should be small and cream-colored. They are exactly at 6 months now, very exciting [​IMG]

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