Two, three, or four ducks?

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    Nov 8, 2013
    The long, snowy, cold winter blues, and undoubtedly a healthy dose of hormones, have again taken over our three Mallard drakes, Blofeld, Scaramanga, and LeChiffre. Scaramanga and LeChiffre, the two biggest, have taken to attacking Blofeld again, to the point of ripping feathers from his neck and wings. We've had to separate them before, but it eventually calmed down, but now it's really flared up again and they are living in separate houses with a a shared run with a screen & door in the middle.

    And of course being ducks, although they absolutely can't be outside free together without attacking Blofeld, they absolutely won't sleep in their houses anymore, no matter how cold (and it's gotten down to 0 F), if all three are in the run together. They will sleep outside in the middle of the run, staring at each other across the screen door.

    On the really cold nights, we've been bringing Blofeld in (he still needs to regrow some neck feathers), and the other two then happily sleep the night inside their coop.

    We're kind of hoping that once we see the grass again and they get their pond back, that the hormones might have subsided, and they can share the houses and run again. But we're not super-optimistic.

    So here's the question, do we go down to two ducks? (But we like Blofeld! He's the smart one - smart being a very relative thing - with the most personality.) Is there a way of getting the three to behave well together again? Or, if we got a 4th drake, could we introduce him slowly as a pair for Blofeld, and then have two happy pairs? Or are we more likely to end up with multi-duck fights if we go for a fourth?

    If anyone has any thoughts, we'd love to hear them.

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