Two toulesse geese to rehome


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Sep 13, 2017
I'm heartbroken to write this , but I have what I believe to be a male and female toulesse geese I need to rehome. I think they would be better suited to a farm. I raised them from babies 3 days old when someone else got them and changed their mind. I wasn't aware how different geese are from ducks. I live on a lake but not very secluded. They are just super loud. That is the only reason I am looking to rehome them . They are almost a year old .
They are very spoiled and very loved so I would like them to be pets and treated fairly. Nobody please who wants to eat them. Gracie is beautiful and loving but Hates to be held and is a little shy. Klaus is super attached to me and don't mind me holding him and always screams for me , which then gets Gracie going and turns into me stressing about the neighbors getting mad . Klaus has a conditiin called angel wing. His wings grow outward from his body. Because of this I was told he shouldnt be bred. Their screams echo and when they get going it's very loud. I won' give them to just anyone. I am looking for someone educated with geese and will truelly have them as pets. Let me know know of anyone' interested. I am located in northern ky . Willing to drive to the perfect home (within reason).
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You'll need to give us an idea of where your located.

Have you tried contacting a rescue group in your area. Here in NC we have a few one close to Charlotte is Carolina water fowl rescue. They are wonderful.

We also have individual state threads here at "where am I where are you" and a rehoming thread way down at bottom of BYC forum.

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