Two week olds and chick grit

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    Aug 26, 2008
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    Is the chick grit to large for two week old chicks. I would like to treat my little ones to just a small snack of greens or oatmeal. They are growing like crazy. They loved the bit of yogurt I gave then. Fought over it already. Maybe I could also start a bit of bread occ. Jean
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    * I got a bag of chick grit accidently. It's like course sand. Pinkish if it has iron added. I think the real trick would be giving them a little but never too much!! Stuff is heavy. Not sure how well the chickees would move if they over-indulged. . . [​IMG]
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    *deleted d.p.
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    Shouldn't be. The bag I have says use size #1 chick grit from the 1st to 3rd week and to start free feeding it at 2weeks. Then use the #2 grower size from 4-7 weeks. Chickens won't weigh themselves down with grit. Once they are old enough to recognize what is food and what isn't they will eat grit as they need it.

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